The reason to have the studio in the first place was for our own purposes, Mats being one of the driving forces in House of Shakira and Torbjörn for Veni Domine. Sure two bands with different approaches but then with greater experience, broader knowledge and understanding. Even before the studio was finished (will it ever be?) the first band hired the studio and from that point it became clear to us that we would not be able to have it for our selves only.

Not being a Hi end facility studio the approach has more of a rough end to it focusing on performance and sound quality leaving a bit more in the pocket for the bands. Room of doom is more a tracking studio as mixing usually takes place on other location but are handled by us if so wanted.

In the 1st Room we track drums/ vocals/ guitar/ bass/ and even whole bands in a fairly massive concrete room, with possibilities to shield off instruments and change the overall ambience decided by the needs for the moment. 2nd room is more of a vocal booth, but can host guitar amps as well. At an early stage, based on our experience we decided to have a spacious control room. Enough to fit at least four- five persons. Also we have a small relaxation area to drink tea or coffee, or just a place to sit and talk when the workers in the studio need to focus.

And we have to say that it’s very nice meeting new bands and friends in a business full of dreams and promises mostly never come true. We take your recordings seriously no matter the Jet set factor of the band.

Mats and Torbjörn

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