Studio plan
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Control room:
23 m2
-Tascam M650 32 ch
-RME soundcard/ converters 16 in / 4 out -Shure/ AKG/ ADK/ Rde/ Electro voice mics
-Cubase SX software
-Line audio designed speakers, Tannoy, Event etc. 

-Mesa/ Marshall/ Peavey/ Line6/ Hagstrm amps for hire

Main studio: 34 m2
Big enough to fit any setup of a band. This studio is isolated from the controlroom and the walls are treatened with absorbers.

Vocal booth: 3 m2
A small isolated studio that has a door with a window to prevent klaustrophobia attacks.. it can also host amplifiers and speakers.

Relax area: 7 m2
A couple of sofas, refrigerator and a coffey machine.

Hall way: 12 m2
Works also as a warehouse.

Total area: 79 m2

Room Of Doom